The Indian tradition has a monstrous impediment of women being discriminated against and isolated from all political, social, economic and familial decisions. Eclipsing the prodigious backbreaking work women do to brace their families on an everyday basis, their voices are rarely embraced and their rights are constricted. It's high time for this societal scenario to be transformed. Women need to be reminded of the rights that unquestionably belong to them. A lifelong foundation of equality, morality, ethnicity, health and hygiene entails being profound. Women entail to be groomed with skills to captivate employment to gain their sustenance and be self-sufficient. Women must be empowered! The children of today should be educated vis-à-vis morality and humanity to enrich the lives of others and leave the world in an exquisite shape tomorrow. The revivification of the extinct Indian traditional textile practices in the contemporary era will equip women and children with a miraculous window of opportunities to learn and grow.

A burnished brain once beamingly expressed that, the ability to learn is a gracious gift, the capacity to learn is a splendiferous skill and the possibility to learn is an outstanding opportunity that shall be embraced with open arms

The Parantap Shekhar Foundation prioritises gender equality of utmost importance by extending employment to both women and men, by boosting their acquired knowledge, assisting them to use their absorbed skills in unerring direction and by handing fair pay for fair work. It wants to sculpt everyone's skills in a manner such that it can engrave a sense of empowerment in all in order to lead their lives with contentment. 

The Foundation intends to discourage pollution by adopting environmental friendly organic products like- natural yarns, natural fabrics, natural dyes, organic paints and so on. 

The arrow of the Parantap Shekhar Foundation aims at glorifying and drawing inspiration from the historical artistry and ancient traditional textiles nurturing hand craftsmanship 

“do your little bit of good where you are; 

it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”


Parantap Shekhar Foundation is a charitable organisation of 

Parantap Shekhar Fashions & Designs (P) Ltd. founded in 2019