T-Shirt Design Campaign




"Beautiful India with beautiful work to feel beautiful"

An immense feeling to produce beautiful styles of costumes collection integrating human hand work, traditional textiles, & nature friendly ways 



"We believe in empowering women of today is the future of tomorrow. We would like to embrace the feeling of joy & generosity in all women. We are graciously privileged to render ample of opportunities to the women of passion, dedication, diligence & willing self-empowerment by training them in their local communities and making them skilful, work effective & independent

"Our philosophy exists in- A dream of one perhaps is the aim of other one"




Parantap Shekhar Foundation is honoured & privileged to empower the hope, possibilities of women, men of today. It is pure pride to design & develop the entire handful collection in India with Integrity. The collection trims are traditionally hand curated such as yarns, fabric, prints and embroidery are authentically fabricated by Indian crafters. It has been intended for: 

  • Promotion & Enrichment of Indian Textiles
  • Prevention & Boycott of Animal hides, animal extracted products
  • Promotion & Counselling of individual-personal social hygiene 
  • Promotion & Enforcement of gender Equality for fair work & pay wages 

It is determined to set up convenient, comfortable, safe environment and modernly equipped skill development and employment enters to provide all women, men, artisans, embroiders, dyers, tailors of age above 18 years in India. It is intended for:

  • To imbibe the feeling of responsibility, dedication, diligence, self-empowerment & integrity
  • Financial contribution to their families 
  • Leading a joyous & cheerful life with contentment




Parantap Shekhar Foundation proudly believes in promotion of historical & heritage sites for their richness, knowing our past to be the reason for today. 

It is an utmost proud feeling to draw inspiration from historical and heritage sites of India and love to design the entire collection as renaissance of beautiful ancient human hand crafting

It is promisingly ensured to design the collection, stitching with Environmental-friendly organic fabrics, natural dyes, organic paints

Parantap Shekhar Foundation takes the responsibility imbibing intentionally to practice

  • Prevention of Soil-land & water pollution, an effort to save our Earth from hazardous damages
  • Plastic-free hand carry bags & packaging materials 
  • Paperless internal operations- all internal processes using technology to save paper and plants 
  • Usage of solar energy for garment stitching 
  • usage low decibel machines to prevent noise pollution


Love to share goodness with you